Television’s sight, sound, and motion have always made it the most compelling storytelling medium. Now, addressable TV advertising makes it possible to identify and reach only high-value households and drive results across a variety of marketing goals.

Let the platform do the heavy lifting.

Cadent Advanced TV Platform seamlessly manages the complexities of the addressable video landscape.

It provides an integrated solution for planning, activating, and analyzing addressable campaigns at scale. So you can gain efficiencies, reduce waste, and tie TV ad exposure back to business outcomes. Plus our dedicated analytics team will help you optimize to your objectives. And with every campaign run, you get direct access to a wealth of metrics that are unified and normalized across providers.

Cadent Platform brings you all of the advantages of addressable TV advertising, now.

You define what success looks like.

No matter your objectives, our TV experts will help you design a campaign that drives results. Simply input your campaign parameters and desired KPIs into the platform, and we’ll deliver the national scale you need to succeed – across a variety of marketing goals including sales or brand lift, customer acquisition or reactivation, and competitive conquesting.

Don’t guess. Know  your campaign will perform with predictive analytics.

National campaigns don’t work in silos. We leverage years of historical data to plan against all addressable video supply, then deliver at optimal frequency. So you can deliver on your goals. And with the benefits of data science and machine learning, our algorithms get even smarter over time.

Learn how our data science team brings the best elements of digital to the advanced TV space

Get a deep dive into March Madness viewership data from our data science team

Get the best level of coverage – fully national.

You get aggregated access to all cable, satellite, telco, OTT, and digital addressable video inventory across linear, IP, and VOD. So you can reach your audience in a fully brand-safe environment, no matter where they’re watching premium content.

Gain access to

90M HH

Leverage our data. And yours.

Get all the data you need to reach the right households and devices.


We bring together first-, second-, and third-party data from our ecosystem with anonymous data from our inventory partners to build your target audience.

Partner Data

Partnerships with the integrated TV data ecosystem add a wide variety of behavioral and purchase data for more precise segmentation.


Securely onboard your first-party data for a unified targeting approach across TV and digital campaigns.

Close the loop with TV that drives results.

We connect the dots by partnering with trusted third-party measurement providers who leverage test versus control methodologies. You gain visibility into business outcomes like in-store and online sales, foot traffic, brand lift, and more.

Across more than 3,000 campaigns, Cadent’s clients have successfully used the power and precision of addressable at scale. The actionable insights gathered from one campaign inform the next campaign, and your overall marketing strategies.

Trend Line

Sales Lift

Purchase metrics


Brand Lift

Awareness metrics


Web Traffic

Engagement metrics

Map Point

Foot Traffic

Local visitation metrics

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