Cadent’s integration with the TV data ecosystem provides national advertisers with the right industry-specific data to drive results that move the needle—along with the right closed-loop measurement partnerships to quantify how those business outcomes impact the bottom line.

Campaign Dashboard
Campaign Dashboard

Media & Entertainment


In this business, hindsight is foresight. Understanding which TV shows a household has watched is the best predictor of future viewing preferences. Cadent Platform uses a variety of signals to effectively target past watchers across providers, then drives them to tune in to featured programming. How? Addressable tune-in ads get dynamically served whenever and wherever a targeted household is watching, which eliminates waste and delivers increased ratings.

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Cadent pinpoints consumers with a higher propensity to rent or buy movies on demand. Our platform uses proprietary data to bring a new level of targeting and analytics capabilities, so you can optimize ad investment and maximize revenue for on-demand movie releases. We leverage our vast historical data to predict future outcomes through household-specific propensity testing and purchase behavior based on over 20 variables.

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Direct-to-Consumer Brands

For growing direct-to-consumer brands, TV is a critical format to engage new audiences at scale. After all, only 73% of the US population has access to broadband internet, but 96% has access to television.

Cadent Platform brings all the highlights of your digital campaigns—including data-driven targeting, outcome-based performance, and third-party attribution—to TV’s captivating format. You get audience at national scale on 100% premium inventory, with full brand safety built right in.

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Campaign Dashboard

Here’s how we help you acquire new customers and maximize the lifetime value of existing ones:

By leveraging your first-party CRM data, along with other second- and third-party data to precisely target high-value audiences at the household level with resonant brand messaging.

By delivering unified reach on premium inventory across all screens (linear, VOD, OTT, and mobile) at the optimal frequency that drives your target audience to take action.

By giving you comprehensive analytics from trusted third-party, closed-loop measurement partners—so you can accurately quantify the incremental impact of your campaign.