A graph for today’s television landscape.

As an advertiser, your goal is to deliver ads to your intended TV viewers on any device, platform, or service. With a unique TV-first approach to graphing, Cadent Viewer Graph brings together data from across the TV landscape into a single, anonymized, targetable ID compatible with any data management, CRM, or customer data platform. Now, you can build out your audience and segments with greater specificity, giving you the certainty that your carefully curated segments will work in a cross-screen TV environment.

Cadent Viewer Graph connects data from across the TV ecosystem, to help connect you with the people behind the devices.

What makes Cadent Viewer Graph unique?

Speed to Market
Cadent Viewer Graph matches customer identifiers to the TV viewing universe in minutes, not weeks. Now, you can plan smarter and get campaigns on air sooner.
Accuracy at Scale
Unlike aggregators that rely on partners for device and inventory information, our data comes straight from the source—thanks to the Cadent Advanced TV Platform. As a result, we deliver match rates to key targets of over 90%— up to twice as accurate as other platforms.
Fully Unified
Our entire toolset is easily accessed within the platform— which in turn is integrated with the larger data marketplace. With the platform, you’ll have access to onboarding, campaign management, reporting, and insights—all in one sleek, easy-to-use interface.
Completely Modular
Take advantage of the full capabilities of the Cadent Viewer Graph or just the element you need. Use our fully managed services, or license our graph for in-house use. Tap into our onboarding capabilities, or our vast data marketplace connections.

What can Cadent Viewer Graph do for you?

Onboard your data.

Apply the power of your first-party data across the entire TV ecosystem. Our end-to-end onboarding platform ingests your data, scrubs any PII, and creates unique identifiers for building audience segments. We onboard mobile and desktop IDs up to 6x faster than competitors, so your campaign can be in market that much sooner.

Target TV devices and

Reach viewers across all of their devices, services, screens, and viewing habits with the cookieless Cadent Viewer Graph. By identifying multiple viewers and devices within your target households, our graph extends your campaign reach, allowing you to customize messaging to connect with everyone making purchase decisions.

Enrich your data.

Access more than 50,000 audience segments by combining your first-party data with segments and data from our 100+ partners. We map these segments into the larger TV inventory ecosystem, making any audience executable across all of TV. Branch out from demographic buying and reach viewers who show real-world intent to take action, using data that goes beyond traditional KPIs and store visits to attribute actual sales at the cash register.