High-index audience optimization.

Nothing communicates your brand better than television advertising. Use Cadent indexed TV to make sure your ads are reaching the right people at the right moments. Powered by premium data partners, Cadent optimizes TV campaigns across networks, contextual environments, and dayparts, enabling you to engage your best customers and achieve measurable goals.

National audience.
No walled garden.

Cadent has access to more households than any other indexed solution on the market. Now, you can execute your indexed TV campaigns across all networks at a national scale, orchestrating national campaigns that optimize your audiences without sacrificing reach or consistency.

Integration with premium data sources.

Scale isn’t just about reach. It’s also about collecting huge quantities of data that drive campaign performance. Proprietary Cadent technology integrates the most comprehensive anonymous targeting data from leading research partners and data vendors, then adds a layer of intelligent ranking. Through our close partnership with 605, for example, you’ll gain a deeper view into set-top-box data on a second-by-second basis.

Our partnership with 605 also gives you access to behavioral, purchase, and demographic data from best-of-breed sources, such as Experian, Acxiom (LiveRamp), Aristotle, Cardlytics, Clarity Campaign Labs, Epsilon, Equifax, Infogroup, Mastercard, TargetSmart, and Polk—and we’re always onboarding new data providers. By blending this detailed audience information with viewing data and your own first-party data—in a privacy-compliant manner—Cadent can create highly specific audience segments, so your campaigns will reach the right targets at the right moments on the right devices.

Discover Audience Indexed TV Insights

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The Next Chapter of TV Is Just Beginning
Advertisers continue to rely on television as the most powerful vehicle for emotionally resonant storytelling. Sight, sound, and motion connect with audiences as no other medium can.
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Cohesion and organization are possible—we must make the decision to move in this direction as an industry.

Transparency and actionable
insights for future campaigns.

With Cadent, the data goes both ways. Our analytics dashboard provides visibility into ongoing performance and verification through Nielsen ratings, MSA postings, and custom reports. We’re also innovating with our data partner, 605, to build an independent, third-party performance verification standard for impressions-based TV brand campaigns.