End-to-end integration. Seamless workflow.

The Cadent platform makes sense of today’s complex ecosystem of advertisers, data partners, and inventory channels. Whether you’re on the buying side or the selling side of the TV advertising business, our technology streamlines your processes and equips you with the data you need to plan, manage, and optimize successful brand campaigns.

One-stop media planning.
Peerless execution.

The Cadent platform presents a unified approach to planning, executing, and measuring your brand campaigns—extending your budgets and increasing the ROI of your advertising. Platform APIs provide visibility into data and marketplace ecosystems—so you can forecast across cable, broadcast, and addressable targets from a single workflow. At the same time, you can better understand media performance with ready access to first- and third-party data sources.

Benefits of a unified infrastructure:


Direct connections with DMPs add vast amounts of detailed audience data to your media plans.


Partnerships with 200+ MVPDs and digital systems enable independent aggregation of national audiences.


Real-time data from cross-channel inventory optimizes opportunity matching, forecasting, and in-flight pacing.


Proprietary predictive algorithms leverage data from hundreds of advanced TV campaigns.


Post-performance analytics allow you to understand media impact and cross-screen attribution, so you can test, iterate, and evolve.

Discover Cadent Platform Insights

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A Simplified, Unified, TV Industry Will Help Marketers Win
The current dynamics in the TV industry should be viewed as an opportunity to initiate change to make all pieces of the ecosystem work better together in service of the advertiser.
Navigating the New TV Landscape
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Sophisticated tools for content distributors, too.

Cadent isn’t just for advertisers. Our integrated platform and advanced advertising workflow provide important benefits for content distributors and programmers, increasing advertising revenue and improving viewer experiences across all forms of video and televised content. For example:

Centralized inventory management. You’ll have one point of contact for all distribution platforms, one view of audience segments across platforms, and one consolidated reporting system.

Campaign management tools. Based on a historical database of 7B+ impressions and 2K+ addressable video executions, you’ll ensure campaigns meet client business outcomes.

Audience data repository. Direct integrations with leading data partners—including Experian, NCS, and SHOP.COM—enable you to leverage precise audience data for unmatched segmentation.

Demand-supply forecasting. Maximize monetization of inventory and data, making sure ad loads are in line with affiliate agreements.

Closed-loop analysis. How did campaigns perform? Cadent brings deep insights and analytics to increase the value of advanced TV advertising.

We are excited to be partnering with Cadent. Working with them will allow us to offer more efficient and flexible ad models to better support the changing needs of our advertisers and broadcast partners.

Scott Kewley
Director of Digital Entertainment, Virgin Media